MRR – Misfits Radio Revival!

I am trying to revive the Misfits Radio! I know I can DJ some (prolly this weekend) and I have another friend who would love to DJ too. However, if you think you can handle being a DJ, or you were and want to do it again (Like ChooChoo or Liz or CptSurfinBird…please?) come let me know! Soon there will be a poll posted on the website as well, that I hope you guys can participate in!

Expansion Possible

Misfits Network is expanding its horizons, and having a subsidiary called Misfits Consulting. It is a branch of Misfits Network that focuses on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Consulting and Support. Yes, that means that I (Chubbz) am technically it’s first employee. I am making business cards, and if anyone wants to join in, send me a message to see if we can have you do this on the side yourself (I will even buy business cards for you!)

Also, yesterday I saw a sticker for a place called The Electric Fetus, a place of hanging out and enjoying music.

I thought that was really neat.

So I am thinking of doing something similar: A place to hang out, where I would serve drinks and some food, play music/goofy stuff. A venue for bands or stand up comics. A place to do nothing but relax…

Misfits Café?

Comment Below and Let me know!

First Misfits Network Contest!

Who wants to help out?

If you were to describe us, what would you say? Comment below, and whoever makes the about page, will get a small prize!


And its more of a prize than imaginary hugs and promises, I assure you!